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With ThermoBar’s insulated water container cover Cover 1000, you can store your 1000-litre water tank outdoors all year round without it freezing. The cover is made up of six interlocking sides made from 50mm thick high-quality polyethylene foam. The insulated sides are mounted around the entire tank after two self-fastening foil heaters are put on the base of the tank. The tank will stay frost-free down to approx. -40°C. If you want the water in the tank to be warmer, additional foil heaters can be mounted and a larger transformer used.

Delivered with a 10-metre low-voltage cable with a plug, transformer for outdoor use plus a two-metre 230-volt cable with a plug. The cables are mounted to the transformer and should be connected to a regular electricity socket and a connection plate. Cover 1000 is specially made for 1000-litre tanks in steel cages (IBC, for example).

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Everything you need is included in the price:
2 self-fastening foil heaters
6 insulating panels that make up the cover (in the top one there is also an opening with lid, and in one of the sides is an opening for a water valve and power connection for the foil heaters).
6 long corner protectors
2 shorter corner protectors
6 straps
1 low-voltage cable 10m, 24 volt, with plug.
1 transformer, with a two-metre cable, 230 volt, and regular plug.
4 nails, 75mm
16 screws
1 connection plate with double socket and light emitting diode

1 detailed installation instructions booklet (pdf)

See video presentation

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Inner measurements:

Length 120cm, width 100cm, height 110cm

Outer measurements:

Length 130cm, width 110cm, height 120cm

Wall materials

50mm thick closed-cell polyethylene foam, UV-stabilised and waterproof.


Interlocking edging, corners and strap.

Heating system

2 self-regulating foil heaters for the base of the tank


150 watt

Freezing point

Approx -40°C

Operating indicator

Light emitting diode

Extra socket for a light


IP class

Transformer has IP class 34 and power contact IP class 33


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