ThermoBar 30 Auto



Electrically heated ThermoBar with automatically refilling of water. Holds 30 litres, designed for heated and unheated stables, designed to be mounted in the corner of box stalls. The refilling starts quietly a few minutes after the horse has finished drinking. The refill system has three options: automatic, manual or off. The system is ice-free, the vertical pipes are self-emptying. No mechanical parts to clean. Handles in the sides. In the base there is a drainage hole that makes emptying, cleaning and changing water easy. ThermoBar 30 Auto is temperature controlled. It supplies water at the optimal temperature all year round, reduces power costs and eliminates the risk of overheating.

Delivered with a 2 metre, 10 metre or 20 metre low-voltage cable with a plug, transformer for outdoor use plus a two-metre 230-volt cable with a plug. Everything is mounted and ready to use – you just have to connect it to a regular electrical socket. Complement with a water meter that can show you how much the horse has drunk.

How the refilling system works:
When the water level in the trough has dropped, a sensor in the wall of the trough sends a signal to a magnetic valve in the refill pipe. The valve opens and water runs down into the trough until the sensor registers that the water level has been restored. When emptying and cleaning the trough, use the setting for manual refilling or close the valve totally. The sensor and valve are powered with low voltage, 24 volts. The sensor uses only 3 watts.

Power usage for ThermoBar 30, according to power company Jämtkraft 2015: 24 hours with 60 watts costs approx. SEK 1.43. The actual running cost will be lower than this because the thermostat turns the heating function on and off, keeping the water between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.





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ThermoBar 30 Auto is mounted in a corner on two wooden brackets and held in place with a strap. In the underneath corner of the trough is a power socket. This is where the 24-volt low-voltage cable connects it with the transformer. From the transformer, 60 watts, runs a two-metre 230-volt cable that has a plug that can be plugged into a regular power socket.

Included in the price:
1 trough, 30 litres, with a water level sensor and built-in foil heater
2 drain stoppers
2 pre-drilled wooden brackets
4 screws for mounting
1 strap
2 supports
1 magnetic valve
1 filter
2 nipples R8-R15
1 transformer, with a two-metre cable, 230 volt, 60 watts, and regular plug.
1 low-voltage cable, 30 cm, 24 volt, with flat-pin plug.
1 socket for the valve, with a 10 cm cable and flat-pin plug
1 control box with a 10-cm black/red cable with a flat-pin plug (to the transformer) and a black/black cable with blade connector (for the valve) and a 1.7m cable with plug for the ThermoBar.
1 instruction booklet

Not included:
Water connection system to the valve (other than 2 nipples R8-R15)
Refilling pipes (vertical pipes)
Distribution pipes
Fixtures that hold pipes in place
Protective brackets designed to protect the control box and water meter
Protection for cables and pipes – these depend on the stables the system is installed in.
Heating and insulation for pipes
Cables between transformer, control box and magnetic valves.
Water meter


Additional information

Weight 6 kg

30 litres


Radius from box stall corner 470mm, height 320mm




60 watts (24 volt)

Freezing point

Approx. -40°C


Rotational molded polyethylene, UV-stabilised, food-grade plastic

CE certified


Cable area

Up to 20 metres long 2 x 0.75, for 30 metres 3 x 1.5 metres, rubber sheathed

IP class

Transformer has IP class 34 and power contact IP class 33


Foil heater in base

Made in



3 years


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